MADAME is a European artist based in Asia.


After a 15-year professional career in business, she took to her first passion, Visual Arts, and studied at the Fine Art school of Versailles in 2013.


She managed to combine her academic knowledge (School of Law – ESSEC Business School) with her thoughtful vision of the world and her own queries which are a reflection of what she offers to her audience.


MADAME is also the creator of ART MATRIX , a matrix to better understand artworks and artistic  statements .


Her pseudonym is also the outcome of an artistic project : our name, as a symbol, is a way to identify ourselves, but not our essence.


MADAME‘s themes are inspired from non-renewable and intangible resources such as Time, Identity, Idea and Feelings.


Her artistic approach is a combination of conceptual and visual art. With no predominant medium, Madame combines various media from drawing to performance,as well as set-ups and painting.


MADAME lets her artwork evolve according to the appreciation of the viewer. Art belongs to the receiver.